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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ASP.NET 2.0 Chat that uses Membership functionality

A friend of mine Anthony Ng (http://www.funkylists.com/) sent this to me. It looks quite useful
so I thought I would pass it along.

AspxChat - generic MsAjax-based chatting control for ASP.Net 2

  • Uses standard ASP.Net 2.0 Membership functionality to manage users, which allows a seamless integration into existing applications that use Membership without a single line of code

  • Utilizes Microsoft AJAX Extensions to present a user interface in asynchronous fashion, that is: without continuous page refreshes

  • Provide a simple administrative interface for users in Administrator role

  • Provide a generic voting functionality with a Yes/Now poll

  • Uses implicit localization feature of ASP.Net 2.0 to present a user interface in different languages (English, Ukrainian and Russian localization included)

  • Uses ASP.Net 2.0 Themes feature to fine tune user interface

  • Provide a default page with a standard ASP.Net 2.0 Login control to enable using AspxChat as a stand-alone application

  • AspxChat is configurable with a standard web.config file (presently only 2 parameters can be customized: history depth and default name for non-authenticated users)

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