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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Cannot find Microsoft.Web.Administration.dll

If you are getting this error, the most likely cause is that you do not have IIS 7 installed on your computer.\
Here are the steps involved to install IIS 7 on Windows 8.1

Click on the start menu and type Control Panel. When the choices come up choose Control Panel

Click on Programs

Click on Turn Windows features on or off

Click on Internet Information Service and click OK

Windows will apply the changes.  Windows will tell you when its complete.  Click Close on the dialog.

You should now be able to reference the Microsoft.Web.Administration.dll

If you are getting started with IIS 7 and would like assistance getting started check out the ASP.NET IIS 7 QuickStart.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Experience with version 4 of .Net (No version 1.5 or 2.0

I saw an odd job listing today it wanted someone with the following:
  • Experience with version 4 of .Net (No version 1.5 or 2);
I thought it was kind of odd.  Why do they prefer someone without 1.5 or 2.0 experience.  I did some Google and found a basic rundown of the differences.   The job post does not list WCF experience or LINQ or Entity Framework or MVC.

.Net 2.0
1.CLR Features
3.Other basic concepts

.Net 3.0

.Net 3.5 - Enhanced Feature of .Net 3.0

.Net 4.0 
2.Entity Framework

For more details you could always look through these but that is not really the point of my article.

.NET 4.0
.NET 3.5
.NET 2.0

At first I thought it was odd but then it clicked. This kind of reminds me of the article written by Ryan O'Connell about all the things you would have different opinions on.


So I am guessing that rather than a technology requirement in as much as its a personality requirement.  If you started with .NET 4.0 you don't know any of the sloppy hacks we had to do regarding stuff as simple as reading the config file.  Remember the including of a separate DLLto read the web.config in 2.0 as opposed to 1.1 having it native in the DLL.  I guess if you remember that you don't qualify for this job.

I look forward to hearing other your comments.  I know I would prefer someone who has been through the trenches than one who just arrived as a new private but that is just my opinion how about you.

If you have more insight then please email me at chris.williams@threepointturn.com or dennis.augustine@threepointturn.com

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